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19 Sep 2011

Maker Faire New York 2011

My MFNY 2011 pre-show pictures

27 Nov 2009

MIT Friday After Thanksgiving

Pictures from the 2009 MIT Friday After Thanksgiving are here

The MIT Friday After Thanksgiving:

Whether it's the reaction induced between one creative contraption and another equally crafty contrivance, or the joyful reactions sparked on the faces of the spectators, the MIT Museum's Friday After Thanksgiving (F.A.T.) Chain Reaction is a one-of-a-kind, got-to-be-seen-to-be-believed engineering feat.

4 Oct 2009

MIT Great Glass Pumpkin Patch

Pictures from out visit to the MIT Great Glass Pumpkin Patch are here

The Great Glass Pumpkin Patch came to MIT in 2001 after a residency in the Glass Lab by 14 members of the Bay Area Glass Institute (BAGI). The Bay Area Glass Institute (a non-profit corporation located in San Jose, CA), was founded in 1995 by San Jose State graduate Bobby Bowes and MIT alumnus Mike Binnard.

Every week or so, beginning, intermediate, and advanced students work together for a few hours in teams of six or seven to produce pumpkins for the sale. Production for the October event continues steadily throughout the year in order to achieve our goal of 1000-1200 pumpkins.

25 Apr 2009

Introduction to Microcontrollers

I presented "Introduction to Microcontrollers" at BCB4. The handout is available here. The next version of the handout will have a timer/interrupt example. I am thinking about code to implement a simple real time clock (number of seconds since an epoch).

30 Jan 2009

Draw + Audio = Drawdio

My remix of Drawdio was done using the open source gEDA/PCB tool. Information about my parts library and EDA automation tools is available here.

This design is not proven, tested or done. All non-catastrophic infelicities are mistakes. Catastrophic infelicities are just plain fun.

You can't create open hardware with closed EDA tools

5 June 2008

Physical Computing Tools at Ignite Boston

I demonstrated some physical computing tools at Ignite Boston last week. Brian Jepson, from O'Reilly, did an interview and video which is available here.

The website for these products is called wiblocks.com.

1 March 2008

March comes in like a Golden Retriever

Rather than a half-hour of shoveling we chose two hours of snowman and igloo building. With a little help from our friends at Deli-cat we were able to quickly build blocks to assemble the igloo. Our glorious picture spread is here.

4 December 2007


An XXL snowman bank and a small snowman clock, from the Snowy Creations product line, are on display at the Starbucks in Burlington, MA. The pictures are located here.

11 March 2007

Works in Progress

I added a projects showcase called works-in-progress. I also added a resource section called getting-it-done for design information.

5 May 2006

Footprint Design Reference

Added a draft document that defines footprint design guidelines and footprint usage information. More information here.

14 August 2005

Photo Pages

I have added some simple photo pages to the site. The page layouts and image processing options are defined in a couple of Postgres tables and a Perl script generates the HTML.

8 July 2005

Land Pattern (Footprint) Naming Convention

I have created a draft document that defines a land pattern naming convention based on IPC-7351. The document is located here.

29 May 2005

Automated Copying of Schematics and PCB Layouts

I added two scripts, pcb-matrix and sch-matrix, that replicate PCB and schematic structures by copying an input file to an output file multiple times incrementing the (x,y) position of each copy. The scripts and documentation are located here.

27 April 2005

CSS Design for Luciani.org

Inspired by the design examples at CSS Zen Garden I created a CSS style sheet for Luciani.org. The Zen Garden design I like the most is Backyard by Ray Henry. The color scheme is clean, the borders separate without being obtrusive and the design is easy to navigate. I also liked designs 97, 133 and 157 (sans bugs). To peruse all of the designs click here.